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Creating a Demo Reseller Account (0)

To understand and evaluate the interfaces and API we provide, you can use the Demo interface.

To create a fresh Demo Reseller account:


Fill up the form, and follow the steps thereafter to set up your Reseller account (make sure you provide an accurate email address).

The Sign-up form supports accented characters, except for the Phone Number, Mobile Number, Fax Number, Username (Email Address) and Password fields.

Login to your Demo Reseller Account from

Once you have logged in, click on My Billing and then click Add Funds to add Funds to your Account. You cannot test out some of the features of the Demo Account without adding funds to your account.

You might wish to start with checking the flexibility and features of the system by referring to the Reseller Account Startup Guide.
Read this First: Reseller Account Startup Guide (0)


1. Select your Selling and Accounting Currency (Anchor: currency)
2. Add Funds in your Reseller Account (Anchor: funds)
3. Products and Services Signup and their Configuration (Anchor: signup)
    3.1. Domain Registration (Anchor: domainname)
    3.2. VPS Linux (Anchor: vpslinux)
    3.3. Dedicated Server Linux (Anchor: dedicatedserverlinux)
    3.4. Managed Server Linux (Anchor: managedserverlinux)
    3.5. SiteLock (Anchor: sitelock)
    3.6. CodeGuard (Anchor: codeguard)
    3.7. Web Services (Anchor: hosting)
    3.8. Enterprise Email Lite (Anchor: eelite)
    3.9. Digital Certificate (Anchor: digicert)
4. Configure your Website
    4.1. Setup SuperSite for your Customers (Anchor: supersite)
    4.2. Setup PartnerSite to attract Sub-Resellers (Anchor: partnersite)
    4.3. Use our HTTP API to integrate the Products and Services with your own website (Anchor: api)
5. Configure Control Panels for your Customers and Sub-Resellers (Anchor: cp)
    5.1. Use our ready-made private labeled Control Panels
    5.2. Build your own Control Panels using our HTTP API (Anchor: owncp)
6. Integrate your Customer Control Panels with your Website and Shopping Cart (Anchor: cart)
7. Update your Contact Information
    7.1. Personal Details (Anchor: personal)
    7.2. Company Contact Information (Anchor: company)
8. Configure your Payment Collection Options
    8.1. Setup your Online Credit Card Payment Gateway (Anchor: online)
    8.2. Specify Offline Payment Collection Methods for your SuperSite (Anchor: soffline)
    8.3. Specify Offline Payment Collection Methods for the Control Panel (Anchor: cpoffline)
    8.4. Configuring Payment Collection Parameters (Anchor: param)
9. Configure Other Miscellaneous Options
    9.1. Set your Funds Threshold Level (Anchor: threshold)
    9.2. Create Company Users (Anchor: user)
    9.3. Sub-Reseller Signup options (Anchor: soptions)