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Locating the DNS Service Interface (0)

DNS Service is provided free when you purchase any Product/Service through zinist. In order to view the DNS Service interface, you need to search for the Product/Service you have purchased and access its Order Information interface.
To List/Search and Manage the DNS Service

Login to your Control Panel:

For Resellers: 1

For Customers: 2

Next, click

For Resellers: Products -> List All Orders.

For Customers: Manage Orders -> List/Search Orders.

Search for the Order for which you have activated the DNS Service.
Managing DNS Resource Records (0)

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a distributed database, arranged hierarchically, containing records for domain names. The DNS system's main aim is to match a domain name to an IP Address. In order to fulfill this role, the DNS Server contains Resource Records (Records) in a Zone File, which contains the domain name and IP address mappings for computers contained within that Zone. All Resource Records have a Time To Live TTL (TTL), specifying the number of seconds other DNS servers and applications are allowed to cache the Record.

Using the DNS Service (0)


1. Activate the DNS Service
2. Change the Name Servers of your domain name to our Name Servers
3. Create various Resource Records for your domain name

In order to start using the DNS Service, you need to:

Activate the Dns service

Change the Name Servers of your domain name to our Name Servers

Create various records for your domain name

Activate the DNS Service

To activate the DNS service

Proceed to the DNS Service interface. 1

Click the Manage DNS link.